1)      Do I have to provide articles or interact with bloggers?

No, we handle everything from start to finish. Simply fill out your dashboard and you are all set each month automatically. The only time you need to login is if you decide to change your urls / keywords / authorship for next month.

2)      Is this a private network? Is it within Google’s guidelines?

No, these are 3rd party websites, owned and hosted by real people across the globe. We contact bloggers to see if they want unique content, and in return we ask for a link back to your website. The process of writing, contacting, attaching and confirming is time-consuming, which is why we have years of experience and thousands of guest posts, which allows us to provide a premium service at a very low cost.

3)      Do I need a Google+ account to use the service?

No, but we do allow and advocate the use of Google+ authorship. Simply add your Google+ profile to your dashboard, and when allowed by the blogger we’ll attribute ownership directly back to you. It’s a very strong way to network yourself and business at the same time.

4)      Larger Plans? I run a Marketing agency / large business

Excellent! We love to work with other successful large marketing agencies. Please use the support page to submit a request for a larger plan and we’ll be happy to accommodate your needs.